Rakel’s Naan

Mix garlic powder with margarine and add to the naan when frying to make garlic naan.


Ingredient Amount
Moderately warm water 1.5 decilitres
Sugar 2 teaspoons
(Dry?) yeast 2 teaspoons
Flour 4 decilitres + plus extra for rolling
Salt 0.5 teaspoon
Margarine 3 tablespoons
Gurt/gurtlike 2-3 tablespoons
Olive (or other) oil A splash
Seasoning To taste



1) Mix sugar, yeast and moderately warm water and let sit for two minutes.
2) Melt the margarine.
3) Mix flour, salt, melted margarine and gurt. Add the yeast mix.
4) Let sit while you’re doing other food things like a daal or something.


1) Dust your working surface with flour along with your hands and some on your clothes so you look like a baker.
2) Split the dough into 6-8 parts of roughly equal size.
3) Heat a pan with some olive oil until it’s hot enough to fry bread.
4) Flatten a part of bread with a rolling pin until it’s the size of the flat area of your pan or whatever size you want. It should be fairly thin, maybe 3 millimeters, maybe not.
5) Fry the dough. Season the bread while frying with stuff like salt, garam masala, garlic margarine, or whatever goes well with whatever you’re eating the naan with. Fry until golder brown on each side and keep under towel to maintain yumness.